【2Days 28-29July】Itinerary
Nikko National park ”Nasushiobara retreat"Jorney through spirituality & Nature

Day1 8:30
Shiobara Onsen Kawasaki Daishi Yakuyoke Fudo Son Nensai

8:00, for those arriving by train, we will pick you up at JR Nasu Shiobara Station.

Adorned in splendid robes, monks and pilgrims alike will lead the procession to our destination, ascending the mountainside. Upon arrival, you'll find yourself in a world far removed from the mundane.
As The sacred ceremony begins,you'll witness and partake in fascinating traditional rituals, including prayers and the burning of Goma wood. 

Day1 12:00
Lunch at a Traditional Japanese Restaurant

Enjoy lunch at a traditional soba noodle restaurant, where elegance meets taste. Savor the healthy and refreshing tempura soba, made with 100% locally sourced, nutrient-rich vegetables. It's a dining experience that delights your taste buds and lifts your spirits.

Day1 13:00
Mikaeri no Taki (Mikaeri falls)

After lunch, we'll visit one of Nasu Shiobara's highlights – its waterfalls, a marvel in an area boasting over 100 cascades. Crossing the suspension bridge offers a breathtaking view, so captivating that it earned the name 'Mikaburi Waterfall,' meaning 'the waterfall you'll look back at again and again.' This spot is also renowned for activities such as kayaking and stand-up paddleboarding. 

Day1 14:30

Myouunnji temple・Meiji no Mori

During the Kamakura period, after losing a battle, the shogun Taira no Shigemori's aunt, Myōun Zen-ni, fled from Kyoto and built this temple(1134) With a history of over 800 years, it’s the only building in Shiobara that survived the Boshin War. Don’t miss the ceiling, which reveals why it remained unscathed!

In April, the local souvenir shop "Meiji no Mori Michi-no-Eki" was renewed. It offers unique souvenirs you won’t find anywhere else, along with fresh vegetables and fruits.The soft serve ice cream is incredibly delicious.


At 15:30 We will go together to Nasushiobara Station to see off the day trip guests.

Day1 16:00 
Stay at a Hot Spring Ryokan(four-star )

Check into a hot spring ryokan, where traditional architecture soothes your soul. First, slip into a yukata and unwind, savor the leisurely pleasure of "kakenagashi" hot springs, and feast on exquisite traditional Japanese cuisine. Enjoy your time until the next morning. For breakfast, partake a hearty meal made with abundant local ingredients. Soaking in the hot springs under the morning sun is truly blissful.This experience offers a serene and authentic experience that promises relaxation and rejuvenation.

※About "Kakenagashi" Hot Springs:
While many hot springs adjust their water by heating, adding water, or recycling, 'kakenagashi' hot springs are constantly replenished with fresh water directly from the source. Untouched and 100% natural, these springs are renowned for their superior health benefits.

Day2 10:00
Japanese Traditional Calligraphy Experience

Experience the traditional Japanese art of calligraphy!
Try expressing your name in kanji and writing it beautifully on a uchiwa fan. We’ll explain the meanings of the kanji and the origins of names, highlighting how family hopes and wishes are embedded in them in Japan.
This unique experience breathes new life into your name, creating a special keepsake to take home. It’s sure to be the best souvenir!

Day2 12:00
Lunch  / grilled over charcoal fresh fish

For lunch, indulge in a delicious trout set meal that will change your perception of river fish.
A "teishoku" meal features a main dish, rice, miso soup, and delightful side dishes, offering a traditional and visually pleasing Japanese dining experience.
Your freshly caught fish is cooked on the spot, and you can even try your hand at fishing! The fish is slowly grilled over charcoal, making the skin crispy and the inside tender, perfectly seasoned with natural salt—it's simply irresistible. Additionally, savor traditional, healthy Japanese sweets that have been enjoyed locally for generations.

Day2 13:30
Forest Valley Walk/Ryuuka no taki(Dragon Transformation Waterfall)

Wander through the verdant and aqueous power spot of Ryuuka Falls, where the sacred scenery is so enchanting, it's as if fairies themselves reside here. Enjoy a leisurely stroll, basking in the abundance of negative ions. The waterfall cascades in three tiers, resembling a dragon ascending to the heavens, which is how it earned its mystical name.

Day2 15:00
Tea Break at Kotarogafuchi cafe

Experience a tea break like no other in a teahouse perfectly harmonized with nature, situated right above a river. Enjoy your tea in a traditional Japanese teahouse and savor delicious dumplings made with yomogi, known as the queen of herbs. With breathtaking views, this tea break will be pure bliss for your senses.

At 16:00, we will escort you back to Nasu Shiobara Station.


3 Exclusive Benefits


Your guide Ann-chan, with Experience in Over 30 Countries 

Ann-chan is a native of Nasu Shiobara, having lived in Tokyo for 32 years and is a former commercial production director. With a background of experiences across the globe, she's a unique guide. Always bright and energetic, she never fails to keep her clients smiling.

Photo Session with ”Kansu" the Head Priest

At Kawasaki Daishi, where numerous monks perform their duties, the highest rank among them is the head priest, known as the 'Kansu.' Meeting the Kansu is a rare opportunity, so much so that people come from Tokyo just for a chance to take a photo with him. Securing this photo is incredibly precious, guaranteed to be a once-in-a-lifetime memory.

Exclusive Access to 'Hifumi-mamori,' a Special Protective "Ofuda"(A Japanese talisman in the shape of a wooden board)

Here, you can purchase a unique "Ofuda"  Japanese talisman available only at this location. Named 「Hifuse Mamori」,this is a talisman renowned for its efficacious protection.

You can also obtain a Ofuda  personalized with your name (advance reservations only).

Ofuda Small : ¥5,000
Ofuda Medium : ¥7,000
Ofuda Large : ¥10,000
Ofuda Medium with gold& silver "mizuhiki": ¥20,000
Ofuda Large with gold& silver "mizuhiki": ¥30,000

※About "Ofuda" ...Japanese Talismans are part of traditional Japanese culture, symbolizing blessings and protection received  from Buddhas and gods. They embody an invisible force that serves as a mental support in daily life, believed to bring positive effects. Talismans are made of paper or wood and are typically in the form of a flat plate.

※About "mizuhiki"... Mizuhiki is a traditional Japanese decorative knotting craft used on gift-wrapping and ceremonial occasions.




Shiobara, where this event takes place, is located within Nikko National Park.
Nikko, famous for attractions such as Toshogu Shrine, is very close from here.
It takes as little as 55 mins from JR Nasushiobara Station (90 mins by local train).

Therefore, we strongly recommend planning to visit Nikko on the days before or after the event. 


Open to anyone healthy enough for mountain walking, regardless of gender or age

【Languages Supported】
English & Japanese

【Meeting Place & Time】
8:30  ”Shiobara Onsen Monogatari-kan”, 747 Shiobara, Nasu Shiobara City, Tochigi
8:00  JR Nasu Shiobara Station (Pick-up service available for those arriving by train)

【Participation Fee】
・Two Days, One Night: ¥100,000 /P(Includes insurance, 2lunchs,1dinner,1breakfast,1sweets, and bus fare)

Regarding the payment, we will provide guidance via email after confirming your application.

【Cancellation Policy】
The following fees will apply:
Cancellation 4 days before the event (7/24): 50%
Cancellation 3 days before the event (7/25): 70%
Cancellation 2 days before the event (7/26) onwards: 100%

【Questions & Requests 】
Feel free to email us at vivaviva315@gmail.com   

"Nasu shiobara Retreat"
A Journey Through Spiriyuality and Nature

2-day, 1night Trip
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